Digest from Wine Australia Market-Program 2012-2013

posted 25 May 2012, 22:10 by Kandy Wclub   [ updated 25 May 2012, 22:10 ]

China has been the fastest growing export market for Australian wine in recent years, and is now the third largest destination for bottled exports. In the 12 months to the end of March 2012, the value of bottled exports increased by 37% to AUD$192 million, the volume by 28% to 31 million litres, and the average value by 7% to AUD$6.11 per litre. Significantly, exports priced at over AUD$7.50 per litre rose 47% to AUD$84 million, putting China in first place in this category, ahead of USA (AUD$48 million), Canada (AUD$47 million), Hong Kong (AUD$35 million), Singapore (AUD$31 million) and the UK (AUD$30 million). Australian wine is now the second
largest imported wine in China, with a 14% market share in value and 13% in volume.


Generally speaking, consumers in China still have limited knowledge about wine, and invariably are drawn to French wine when making purchases, particularly of premium wine. This makes education very important, to trade, media and consumers. Consumers in first tier cities have more wine knowledge than those in second tier cities. They have a wider selection available and thus more chance to taste wines from all over the world. However, it is more and more obvious that the great potential lies in second tier cities, where consumers have increasing disposable income and are eager to learn how to appreciate wine.
Thank you for working with us in the past year and we look forward to continuing to work together.
总的来说,中国消费者对葡萄酒的认知还非常有限,在选购的时候也比较单一,更倾向于法国葡萄酒,尤其在选购高端葡萄酒的时候。这使得向贸易商,媒体和消费者进行葡萄酒教育尤其重要。一线城市的消费者要比二线城市的消费者拥有更多的葡萄酒知识。他们的选择面也更广,有更多的机会可以品尝到来自世界各地的葡萄酒。然而,越来越明显的是, 巨大的潜在市场机会是在二线城市,那里的消费者拥有不断提高的可支配收入,也非常热衷于学习葡萄酒的品鉴。

Willa Yang
Regional Manager — China  中国地区经理 -澳大利亚葡萄酒管理局