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posted 26 May 2012, 18:09 by Kandy Wclub   [ updated 30 May 2012, 18:52 ]
5月20日酒庄休闲之旅得到大家的积极反响,因此我们委员会考虑将原来邀请酒庄酿酒师过来与我们交流的协会6月活动,安排成我们过去与他们互动,便于我们可以 更 全面深入直观地了解可能与之合作的酒庄。 与前一次休闲主题不同,这一次的酒庄我们是侧重于出口订购及合作的考察。

产区:Yarra Valley
费用: 含餐 会员$60/非会员$70  ;不含餐会员$10/非会员$20
 报名截止日期:6月8日     报名链接详见QQ群197199122  和 200966862 公告。

The winery tour leisure trip on May 20th was warmly welcomed and received a positive response from our members, so the committee decide to change the original tasting and talking with winemaker  in June to go and visit the winemaker in his vineyard and winery, so as to have a more fully in-depth and intuitive understanding of them.     Different from the previous theme of leisure, this time the winery visiting is more focused on the investigation of the winery for export cooperation purpose.

The plan for the visiting is currently as follows:
Date:  16th June, 2012 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Place:  Yarra Valley
Mode: Carpool and own driving
Cost:  With Lunch  Member $60/ Non-Member $70;  Without Lunch  Member $10/Non-Member $20
RSVP : 8th June, 2012    please find the enroll link at QQ Group 197199122 & 200966862