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“少喝一瓶红酒,多献一份红心” Help me to help others, who need a helping hand

posted 27 Sept 2012, 20:20 by Kandy Wclub   [ updated 28 Sept 2012, 03:06 ]



Help me to help others, who need a helping hand

Many a little make a mickle!

Fundraising  proposed to help a bereaved 163 family




Very sadly to know this tragic story happened on a 163 family from Ms. Katherine's  letter:


       Mr. Jian Li, who landed in Melbourne 2 years ago and there is still about half year away for him to delivery their 892 visa application, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer on July 29th, and passed away in less than 2 months.


        Jian is now gone leaving behind many medical and funeral expenses. All their previous savings was spent on their fruit and vegie business. His wife Lucy will be left to take up the challenge to sustain the business with long hour of exhausting work.


        Understandably their visa status would not allow them to have any Australian benefits for a very long time. Losing a husband and a father is hard enough to bear, the burden of debts and living costs deepen their grief and anxiety. 

澳洲葡萄酒爱好者交流群的大部分成员都是 163”,尽管我们与他素昧平生,在得知这个不幸后,我们的心情都很沉重。

The members of our wine club are mostly holding the 163 visa, we all feel deeply grieved on this misfortune news, although most of us have never met this family before. 


As new immigrants set foots on the foreign country to open up a new life,we are faced with many problems, spent lots of  money and efforts. Some of us are not as rich as others imagined, and we also need to work harder to realize our dreams.


However, we are also a group of people that  has a sense of social responsibility and loves to all. The donation is proposed by our members to help this bereaved family.


受葡萄酒爱好者交流群广大群友的委托,我们葡萄酒协会在此倡议大家少喝一瓶红酒,多献一份红心,为这个不幸的家庭贡献一点绵薄之力,3050 都是爱,100200都是情!

Help me to help others, who need a helping hand. 

Many a little make a mickle!



Chinese Wine Association of Australia

BSB:  063010

Account No.:  1214 4940

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