Become Attached to Wine

posted 20 Jul 2012, 04:43 by Kandy Wclub   [ updated 30 Aug 2012, 18:30 ]

Written by Kandy Xu 20/07/2012

Time flies. It has been almost 3 years since I landed Melbourne.

It’s not a quite long period in life, but I experienced a quite interesting time here, and I believe the future would be much wonderful.

Before I moved to Melbourne, I have sound English reading and writing skills from the past work experience, although not so professional and perfect, and I always dream to learn English systematically when possible. Learning a language only is a bit boring and it’s hard to learn by memory to my age. From other hand, I hope to find a career that I like, not only for making a living, but with enthusiasm and passion, that it can last till the end of my life.

I couldn’t believe that it comes into true when my new life page opens in Melbourne.

Australia wine culture and products are everywhere and you can’t neglect it when you are here. In China more and more friends around us are starting to drink wine instead of traditional Chinese spirits, which made us see the possibility to do some wine business, introducing quality wines to them.

In the communication with people there, I found that actually most of consumers, even most people in the trade, them are not so well understand wine, not to mention the Australia Wines. French wines have much higher reputation and being their first choice to buy. Although in western countries where people have good average wine knowledge they are picking up wines from the new world more and more.

I think that Australia wine would have a higher market share when the Australia wine culture is better known to Chinese consumers. Although it takes a long way to go and it works slowly, it’s a very important thing for the healthy and long term future of Australia wines in China. Think that I could take some of my advantages, I decided to focus myself on learning, sharing and promoting Australia wine and its history, culture, people. My husband supports the idea a lot.

You do something and you should get to know it, the more professional you are, the better you can do, the higher achievement you can reach, that’s my simple idea.

I enrolled in the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) courses, and passed the Intermediate and Advanced level with distinction. Where I also meet and got to know more people in the trade. From the course I did get more knowledge about wine, the viticulture and vinification, the factors that would affect the quality of wine and how does it work, the characteristics of wines from different variety and area, and the proper food matching, etc.  It’s quite amazing experience, not only learning the wine knowledge in a professional way, but also urging me to improve my language ability. To challenge myself more, I enrolled the WSET diploma course which to be fulfilled in three years, to gain more knowledge in a more systematical way.

Meantime I searched lots of books and information about history and culture of Australia wine . Especially when I read the book “Heart and Soul” written by Graeme Lofts, which introduce the 12 families who pioneered the Australian wine industry over generations. I was deeply touched by the stories, the people. I almost don’t drink, and I never thought that I would fall in love with wine. Those glory histories, characters, legends inspired me. One day I came up an idea to translate the book into Chinese, although it’s a big challenge and huge work to me. Looking back, it makes me feel that it’s my mission to make them, and the others like them, to be known by more people in China.  I determined my mind to take it as my career for the rest of my life, arm myself with professional knowledge and work as an Ambassador to introduce Australia wine and culture to China.

Under the introduction of the Author Mr. Graeme Lofts, I became a member of “Wine Guild of Australia, Victoria Branch”, a non-profit Incorporated Association formed in 1958 by a group of interested winemakers, industry personnel and wine waiters. The members helped me a lot in wine tasting, and the once a month guild activities bring me more interesting experience as well.

Thanks to the QQ group leader Tony Li (Jun), who has set up a platform where people all hold or to  hold 163 visas can exchange and share ideas and experience. Under his leadership and influence, more people join in, share, benefit,  and pass on, which creates virtuous circles for new Chinese immigrants to Australia. In the group I get to know that there are about 100 members who are wine lovers and some of them are doing wine trade, but they couldn't take it to their best due to the limited language abilities, that they have few chances to communicate with the people in local industry.  So I have an idea to bring more people into the guild, offer a chance for them to communicate with local wine lovers and people in the same industry.

 On Jan.01, 2012, QQ group wine branch is set up, consisting of the wine lovers, traders who move to Victoria from China, members reached to 40 overnight, and now reaches to nearly 300.

Continuing the “sharing concept”, the original aim of the group is to set up a platform for the Chinese wine lovers and traders in Victoria to interactive with the local people in the same trade or with same interests, help them to be more professional in wine business, so as to well educate their partners and consumers.Soon after, "Chinese Wine Association of Australia Inc" was registered under the efforts of the group people, on the purpose of serving its members better and attracting the attention of local industry, and I become the president of this young association, under the supporting of all the involved members.

On the 53rd Annual General Meeting of the “Wine Guild of Australia, Victoria Branch” in July 2012, I was nominated and become a member of its Committee, a great honor to me, which encourage me to do more efforts to bring some new elements to the guild, to the Australia Wine Industry, to serve as a bridge between the local industry and the Chinese wine exporters, and to be an Ambassador  to  introduce more cost-effective,  interesting and quality Australia wines to Chinese consumers.

It’s just in the beginning and there is still a long way to go. But I’m so confident, that with the idea of “contributing & sharing”, we could make everyone involved to reach a higher level in their career.