The Chinese Wine Association of Australia (CWAA), is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of volunteers and registered in April 2, 2012. Its primary purpose is to help Chinese wine traders, merchants and retailers, especially those exporting Australia wines to China, gain a better understanding of Australian wine and the history of the Australian wine industry. This, we believe, will allow its members to promote Australian wine in the growing Chinese market more professionally.   Through the CWAA, we hope to recruit more talented people to work together to build a strong and healthy reputation for Australian Wines in China.

Kandy Xu, a founding member and Inaugural President, is the Chinese translator of the book “Heart & Soul: Australia’s First Families of Wine”, "James Halliday's Top 100 Australian Wineries" and now she is working on the third one.  Kandy a Committee Member of the Victorian Wine Guild and has successfully completed the WSET diploma course in June 2014. She is keen to continue to focus on introducing Australian wine culture and wineries to Chinese consumers.

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By June 2015, we had 125 members, each of them representing a company and most of them exporting wine to China, with an average export value of AUD 200,000 annually.  We also have an internet platform with more than 450 individuals involved, all living in Australia, most in Melbourne, Victoria.
澳洲华人葡萄酒协会,是一个非营利性质的,以商业移民签证持有者为主体的,自发形成的志愿者组织;协会正式注册于20124月,截止目前已有正式会员85人,每个会员都代表一家公司,大多从事葡萄酒贸易,平均年出口额在15万澳币。 协会另外还有一个达470多人的QQ即时交流平台,供成员之间交流和分享各类信息。参与、分享、受益、传承是我们的口号!








1) 遵守澳洲法律法规,社团的相关政策,遵守社会道德风尚;

2) 代表和维护全体会员的共同利益和合法权益;

3) 努力发挥与政府,行业与会员之间的桥梁纽带作用,推动葡萄酒经营的健康持续发展;

4) 创建华人葡萄酒之家,提升华人移民社会形象。

The aims of the Chinese Wine Association of Australia is to:

(a) Comply with Australian laws and regulations, Association policies, abide the social morality;

(b) Represent and safeguard the common interests and legitimate rights of the entire membership;

(c) Play a role as a link between government, wine industry bodies, producers and mechants, promote and sustain the wine business to develop in a healthy way;

(d) Create a good and friendly home for Chinese Wine traders, Merchants, retailers and wine lovers, enhance the social image of Chinese immigrants.




Who can be the member of the Chinese Wine Association of Australia?

Any wine trader, retailer or wine lover who agree with the rules and voluntarily join in the Chinese Wine Association of Australian can be accepted as the member.


How much is the entrance fee and annual subscription fee?

The current entrance fee is zero and the annual subscription fee is $80. Membership less than 6 months would be charged as 6 months, less than 12 months but over 6 months would be charged as 12 months.

入会费暂定为0, 年费为$80;入会不满6个月,按照6个月收费;超过6个月但不满一年的,按照一年收取会费。协会财务年度截至每年6月底。

Voluntary entrance,

Free  resignation