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Chinese Wine Association of Australia (ABN 21 697 864 292), which is established in Jan 2012 and officially registered as a non-profit organizaiton in April 2012, the purpose of us is to create a platform and friendly home for Chinese wine traders, Merchants, retailers and wine lovers who live in Australia.
We have functions or seminars held every month,  the topics including:
1)    Lectures and Seminars on wine export operating procedures, related policies and  regulations;
2)    Wine knowledge training, Australia wine history, culture and product promotion;
3)    Communicate with local wine industry bodies, winery tours to interact with winemakers and winery owners;
4)    Provide or share the procurement of information and resource;
5)    Overseas marketing experience exploring and sharing, especially on Chinese market;
6)    Help the Chinese immigrants integrate into local society through Wine & English exposure.
By March 2013, we got 82 members, each of them representing a company and most of them exporting wine to China, with an average export value of AUD200,000 yearly.
We also have an internet platform with more than 450 individuals invloved, all live in Australia, most in Melbourne, Victoria.


l    出口贸易环节操作讲座和培训,法规政策介绍;

l    葡萄酒知识培训,澳大利亚葡萄酒历史,文化和产品推广;

l    沟通当地行业机构,政府职能部门,酒庄酿酒师互访互动;

l    葡萄酒采购资源及信息分享;

l    海外市场营销探讨和分享,尤其是中国葡萄酒市场;

l    开设葡萄酒英语沙龙,帮助中国移民更好地融入当地社会,提升生活品质;

22nd April, 2012 - Wine Trade Function